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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LOG-IN: If you experience difficulty logging-in, please try the following before contacting the Sun Grant Office:
1. Confirm that you are using the correct e-mail adress and/or password
2. If you change your password, write it down. Sun Grant office does not have a record of your password and can only issue you a new one.
3. Password is case sensitive, so turn off all key locks.
4. If you cut/paste password into window be sure that you don't copy additional spaces or formatting.

* New this year, only Authorized Representatives from the PI's Grants or Sponsored Programs Office may fully submit full proposals. PIs must certify that they agree to serving on the project team, and then must notify their Authorized Representative when the proposal is ready for submission.

* Authorized Reps may want to consider having PIs list the Authorized Rep's generic email address when setting up the institutional approver. This will then enable any approver in the sponsored programs office to log in and submit the proposal.

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