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Welcome to Northeast Sun Grant Initiative Webnibus

Welcome to the Northeast Sun Grant Webnibus Online proposal submission site.

** FAQ's: **
ON BUDGET FORMS, any costs not requiring Indirect charges, i.e. unrecovered indirect costs being used for cost matching, enter the amount under Item J on the budget forms "Other costs not requiring Indirect."

TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS: After everyone has certified the proposal, the proposal needs to be submitted. On the Full Proposal Menu, at the bottom there should be a link to "Submit Full Proposal". The Authorized Univ. Rep. and PI should have this submit button. If neither the Univ. Rep or the PI see the SUBMIT button, please call the NESGI Office at 814-863-0291, or email to L-AG-NESUNGRANT@LISTS.PSU.EDU we will submit your proposal for you and you will receive an email confirmation.

See last page of RFA for a list of other FAQ's.

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